What is a Day in the Life Session?

It’s just a normal day you spend with your family, plus me!  It’s really that simple.  You’ll go about your normal routine, and I’ll photograph what life looks like for your family at this moment in time.  I won’t direct you in any way. You will have complete control over what you wear, what you do, and where you go.  The only difference will be that I’m photographing it for you.   And I hope you’ll find me a welcome addition to your family for the day.  It is super easy because all you have to do is be yourself!


Why do a Day in the Life session?

Your everyday life is beautiful!  It is made up of tiny moments that tell the unique story of your family.  And a Day in the Life session is the perfect way to capture these moments.  Not only will you see the beauty in what feels like chaos, but you will preserve those moments that make the chaos worth it.  You will have a way to remember the quirky little mannerisms you love about your children, the routines that are specific to this moment in time, and all the moments that are happening in the background that you would normally miss.  Some of the moments will be funny; some will be tender.  Some will show how frustrating life can be at times.  But all of them will show the love that binds your family together. 

Kids grow up so fast!  Preserving a "day in your life" will be a treasure for years to come.  When your kids are grown they will have photos that tell the story of their childhood- the way everyone ended up in mom and dad's bed on Saturday morning, how they climbed on the counter to sneak cookies out of cabinets, the way dad tickled them until they cried, and the way mom could somehow brush one kid's teeth and do another kid's hair at the same time.  I am passionate about capturing these moments that are unique and special to your family.  It is my goal to create a collection of photos that will really tell your family's story.