What do clients say about doing a Day in the Life session with Julia...


Our day with Julia was amazing!  I was at first concerned about having such a long photo "session" and wondering if our "day in the life" would feel artificial with Julia being there, but it was not like that at all.  Julia is so friendly and nonintrusive that it felt like a normal day with my family.  Most of the time, it barely felt like Julia was there.  I am so happy to have pictures representing a real day with my family that we would have never captured without Julia.  I love that we will always have a reminder of what one entire day looked like for us in 2016.

-Sarah Schumacher


Our day-in-the-life session with Julia was great!  About twenty minutes after Julia arrived, we all just went about our usual routines while Julia was in the background.  I prefer to be behind the lens, but love the images that Julia captured- especially with all of us!  The intimate moments I would never think or be able to capture were my favorite images- high fives and clinking glasses at the dinner table; the naked race to the bath tub; diaper changes and bedtime routines.  All of the cliches about it going so fast- I am so thrilled to have these images to remember the small moments that will get forgotten all too quickly.  

-Lee Alliet


Our day-in-the-life session photos are some of our most precious belongings.  To have Julia on hand to capture a day in our young family's life - the ups, downs, quiet moments, crazy moments, all of it -  was such a gift.  It was only a year ago, but I already have such a sense of nostalgia looking back at that time in our life.  Thanks, Julia, for such a wonderful experience!

-Lissa Koop


Fair warning: I'm an introvert and a homebody who loves his space and quiet time.  With that in mind, we LOVED having Julia with us for our "day in the life."  Julia came over shortly after school as the kids poured into the house and caught our usual chaos.  Julia grabbed some wonderful pictures of the kids pouring on the "Daddy's Home" hugs.  She even caught a somewhat serious moment when we were negotiating an altercation involving a flawed implementation of a wrestling move.  The time Julia spend with us was easy and natural and the pictures were amazing.  Nothing posed or staged- the album held all the authenticity that I'd expect from a day in our life. 

-Peter Goff 


We are so grateful to Julia for our Day in the Life photos.  The photos really capture so many special moments of where we are in life and we will forever treasure them.  What I thought was going to be a long day of photographs went by really quickly.  Julia is so friendly and easy going.  It was a pleasure to have her in our home to photograph our family.  

-Samantha Garlock