Top 10 Favorite Children's Books


Top 10 Favorite Children’s Books
October 10, 2019


I’m a children’s book junkie! I started out as a teacher and have always loved quality children’s literature. I already owned hundreds of children’s books before I had kids. My husband was always dragging me out of the children’s section at the bookstore to keep me from filling the whole house up with children’s books. As a photographer, I love seeing a family come together to share a tender moment and a great book. Thinking about updating your collection? Here are some of my family’s current favorites-


1. Dragon’s Love Tacos by Adam Rubin


2. Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin


3. Those Darn Squirrels Fly South by Adam Rubin…basically anything by Adam Rubin


4. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt


5. A Loud Winter’s Nap by Katy Hudson

Are you noticing a trend? We like funny!


8. Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann


9. Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

And last but not least,


10. Creepy Pair of Underwear by Aaron Reynolds
(This is a delightfully weird book my daughter asked me to buy at her school Book Fair. The very next day she convinced her grandmother to buy it as well. Apparently is worth having two copies).

Hopefully, these titles will bring laughter to your bedtime stories, as I know they certainly have to mine! Did I miss any of your favorite children’s books? I’d love to hear your thoughts--share away!

How I pose families…or don't


How I pose families…or don't
September 22, 2019


Chin up. Okay, great! Now, move slightly to the left, foot forward, and shoulders at an angle. Perfect! Oh, wait, hands out of the pockets… When you think of posing, your mind automatically goes to the traditional family portrait technique. Now when your client happens to be a 1-year-old, you have to get a little more creative!

My posing technique is pretty simple- I don’t really do it.  Sure, everyone wants a traditional photo with the whole family in it, so we make sure to get that one at the beginning of your session.  I put my families in a “starter pose,” and let it evolve.  We’ll talk and laugh until your family settles into your version of that pose.  Once your family finds a pose that fits you, everyone is happy and comfortable, and it will look fabulous.

After we get that, I follow the lead of the kids based on what they are interested in.  Sometimes that means we run, sometimes we dance, or climb trees.  Sometimes I capture quiet snuggly moments.  My repeat clients love coming back to play with me.  It’s more about playing than photos, but that’s where we capture the real personality of your family.


So you may ask, why I approach it this way?

Think back to family photos as a kid.

Your mom may have made you wear clothes that matched your sister, while you sat really still in a strange pose with your hand on your sibling’s shoulder. On top of it all, they told you to smile into the camera and look happy. The thing is, you were not happy wearing the itchy outfit or standing still next to your brother as he continued to poke you for his entertainment.

I want to capture the pure happiness of your child’s laughter and those special moments between you and your family.

Through a more relaxed and fun session, we can capture the more natural and playful moments. My goal is to not only take photos that look good but to capture a moment that feels good. A moment where everyone can look back on their experience and have a happy memory to smile about.

To book a session for your family, email me at I look forward to capturing your family’s happy moments.


Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You


Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You
April 11, 2019

There is a magical place in my home.  It’s a little hide-away just for my girls.  Created to fulfill a 6-year-old’s birthday wish.  The tight space draws people close.  The twinkle lights illuminate the scary darkness.  And the words on the wall are empowering.  In this little cocoon my girls are safe.  They have restful nights and sweet dreams.  And I hope that when the time comes for them to emerge from this safe haven, they will take on the world with confidence.  They will be strong women- bold, brave, and true to themselves!     

Mom Guilt- Let It Go!


Mom Guilt- Let It Go!
March 20, 2019

My daughter loves gymnastics.  But this spring, I forgot to sign her up right when registration opened, and folks gobbled those slots up like drunk college kids eating 3am breakfast!  This meant I had to settle for a class that is really too late for our nightly routine.  Still, we are doing it! 

So today I took my oldest to gymnastics with little sister in tow.  Little sister made a new friend while we waited, who kindly shared her markers.  After an hour and half of watching, waiting, and the little one coloring every inch of her body, it was time to load two tired and hungry girls into the car.  I went through the Chick-fil-A drive through on the way home, and let the girls eat french fries in the car.  What happened when we got home was largely a blur.  I know there were suds in the bathtub and there was tooth paste on their tooth brushes.  Beyond that, it was so rushed I can’t really say how thoroughly clean anyone got. 

We didn’t make to bed on time, the remnants of Chick-fil-A are still on the table, and their dirty clothes are on the floor.  BUT there was a bed time story, songs, and some snuggles and I don’t feel bad about any of it.  Not even a little bit. My big girl got to go to gymnastics tonight, and my heart is full (and so is my wine glass)!  


How Many Snow Days


How Many Snow Days Does it Take to Lose Your Mind?
February 14, 2019

How many snow days does it take to lose your mind?  Well, that depends largely on the age and temperament of your children, how many of the normal household rules you are willing to break, and obviously the amount of wine and chocolate mama has on hand!

I’ve actually lost track of how many snow days we’ve had, which some may take as an indication that my mind is gone already (or that I’ve had too much wine).  But I know for sure that there have only been two weeks since Christmas when my children have been to school for the whole week, and my husband has been on three different work trips in the month of February alone.  So if my mind is intact at all, it’s hanging on by a thread.  And my home is most certainly a disaster zone for which I don’t think FEMA’s going to send relief. 

However, I take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and I hope others will take comfort in seeing the carnage that has been my household this past month.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I am gifting myself a snow blower and a weekend in Florida – ironically, without my husband.  Have fun with the kids honey!