Are These My Feet?


These Feet Belong to Me
March 21, 2018

Watching a baby's development is truly amazing!  They come into the world completely clueless and every day they make new discoveries as they explore all that their senses have to offer.  I want so badly to preserve the wonder that I see in my daughter's eyes with each new revelation, to capture the meticulous repetition involved in trying to figure out how something works.  I know it won't belong before she figures it all out and the wonder will be gone.

The day she found her feet, I probably spent a good hour just watching her.  She was just reaching around randomly in space like always when by chance she hit her foot.  She seemed utterly surprised to find something there.  Knowing it must still be there, she kept reaching for this mysterious thing.  She would grab it, but couldn't keep a firm grasp on it.  Over and over, she reached for it, grabbed it, and lost it.  Finally her big toe hit the heal of her hand in just the right place.  Carefully she wrapped her fingers around the whole foot, holding it tighter this time.  She gave her foot a little pull and felt her body jerk.  And with that jerk came a little more insight that this thing was attached to her.  You could see the delight and amazement in her eyes.  In her excitement she lost her grip and have to start all over again.  These feet belong to me.  What an amazing discovery!