Mom Guilt- Let It Go!


Mom Guilt- Let It Go!
March 20, 2019

My daughter loves gymnastics.  But this spring, I forgot to sign her up right when registration opened, and folks gobbled those slots up like drunk college kids eating 3am breakfast!  This meant I had to settle for a class that is really too late for our nightly routine.  Still, we are doing it! 

So today I took my oldest to gymnastics with little sister in tow.  Little sister made a new friend while we waited, who kindly shared her markers.  After an hour and half of watching, waiting, and the little one coloring every inch of her body, it was time to load two tired and hungry girls into the car.  I went through the Chick-fil-A drive through on the way home, and let the girls eat french fries in the car.  What happened when we got home was largely a blur.  I know there were suds in the bathtub and there was tooth paste on their tooth brushes.  Beyond that, it was so rushed I can’t really say how thoroughly clean anyone got. 

We didn’t make to bed on time, the remnants of Chick-fil-A are still on the table, and their dirty clothes are on the floor.  BUT there was a bed time story, songs, and some snuggles and I don’t feel bad about any of it.  Not even a little bit. My big girl got to go to gymnastics tonight, and my heart is full (and so is my wine glass)!